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Today's voodoo/black magic topic is pinion angle.  In my experience, some guys just "get it".  The rest of us, have no idea the positive and negative affects pinion angle has on your drive line until it strikes and we have to blindly chase a vibration, rub or bind in the drive train. For those that are tinkering with lightly modified street cars, you'll find that with OEM type suspension components, engine mounts and transmission mounts that your pinion angle isn't affected enough to create problems unless something is broken.  Even upgraded components that match OEM sizes and geometry maintain the...

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After our article on saving two '67 Mustangs at the same time, you can't help but notice that there's multiple toys in BJ's shop.  So, I started annoying BJ with a slew of questions about the cars present and I couldn't get over this ride... Rather sedate looking isn't it?  Just like that nice dog roaming the neighborhood until it bit the piss out of you.  BJ gets a hoot out of cruising this thing around on 10 holes and even pulls a boat occasionally with it for giggles. What makes this car special you ask? It sports a Coyote...

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