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2005 Mustang, Mustang, NMCA, NMRA, NMRA Renegade, procharger, pushrod, S197, Ultimate Street, Ultra Street, Valerie Clements, Valerie Clements Racing, VCR, vortech -

There's a few things we confessedly and unabashedly DIG around here. 1. Fast Cars 2. Passion 3. Family 4. Fast Cars 5. Passion 6..... I think you get my point. Valerie Clements of VCR (Valerie Clements Racing) combines all of the above into a cool story of growth and development while pursuing something she and her brother/tuner are passionate about. Valerie started her racing career at 2001 at the tender age of 8 in Jr. Dragsters.  From 01-07, she bracket raced Jr. Dragsters, then started heads up racing (330 Outlaw Jr. Dragsters). She loved the competitive nature of heads up...

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1992, 1992 coupe, 1992 Mustang, 331ci, 363ci, 92 coupe, 92 Mustang, automotive, Brandon Hitchins, coupe, d1sc, dupont, fabrication, fox body, foxbody, hot rod, hot rod build, instagram, mustang, Mustang Coupe, procharger, pure white, sbf, Sick_Fox, white coupe -

As we all know, the fox body mustang is a staple of modern day muscle car culture.  They fill drag strips, car shows, street racing and nearly any other event you might attend that's performance and/or show related.   This being the case, you get used to seeing foxes that show their age and usage through the body and interior.  Today's feature car is NOT the case.   Brandon Hitchins spared no expense and left no bolt unturned on the car that has become affectionately known as "Sick_Fox". When I had the pleasure of shooting the "Sick_Fox", it was powered...

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1985, automotive, blown 2v, capri, coupri, fabrication, fox body, foxbody, grabber blue, hot rod, hot rod build, IRS, Johnny Detamore, mustang, procharger, t-tops, xenon -

We're always looking for killer projects and when we came across this car, we couldn't NOT feature it!   Today, we're looking at what I can only describe as a collection of the coolest fox body features packed into one car with a touch of modern convenience. This car has been dubbed the "Coupri" and for good reason!  It started its life out as a 1985 Mustang Coupe.  Over time, the owner Johnny, collected a Capri front clip and rear quarters, a t-top roof, a SN-95 interior and then built a nasty blown 4.6l based drivetrain for the car. Here's...

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