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How do you save two vintage Mustangs at once?  This is a question answered by fabrication and Mustang enthusiast BJ Adams. This project started as two '67 Mustangs, one being a parts car coupe and the other a severely neglected fastback. The coupe in question: The first question that came to mind is "How bad was the fastback to justify cutting the roof off?".  In BJ's words, "Well, it was broken in half.." As illustrated in the picture below, the car had rusted to the point of falling in on itself.   All of the important structures had rusted through...

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If there's one thing we can appreciate here at KillFab, it's a killer build.  Tony Angelo and co-host Lucky Costa killed it on this slick combination of old school muscle and new school tech.  This '70 Cuda is powered by a late model Dodge 392 "Hemi" crate engine, TR6060 6-speed and custom fabricated suspension on all four corners. See more on this killer build via Hot Rod Garage here.

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We found this super cool concept car or hot rod that Cadillac built...they call it the VSR. This thing for sure fits in the Killer Fabrication arena.

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We could be a little bias but we think this is going to be an amazing build. This is the very start of what Kyle Voss calls the Bibbster. It is a modern day hot rod build he is doing using a fox body Ford Mustang as the foundation. You can see the build over on The Fab Forums YouTube channel here: > The Fab Forums YouTube

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