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The most wonderful thing about fabrication is the expression of someone's uniqueness through the creation of something unique. Today's feature is definitely unique and an opportunity to give a shout out to one of our fabricator brothers from across the pond. Matt Urch is a welder/fabricator based in Somerset, UK.   Matt wanted to build something unique as an advertisement for his business and attract attention for his new business. We think he's done that, without a single shadow of a doubt. The car is a 1953 Ford Popular, built by Ford UK from 1953 to 1962. At the time of...

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I'm sure you guys can guess how we feel about YouTube, seeing as everyone involved with KillFab has one... So let's talk a little about someone doing it RIGHT on YouTube. Today's feature is on Adel and his channel "OffBeat Garage".  You'll find a link to the channel at the end of this article. Adel started YouTube about five years ago.  It was the summer after he graduated high school and he was struggling to find information to guide him while building his drift car Nissan 240SX. In the process of learning the ropes of building and fabrication, he documented...

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