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We don't have to say much about this "perfect" 1969 Camaro. The images most defiantly speak for it self. This car named AXIS was built by the guys over at the Roadster Shop. The attention to detail on this super rad build shows the skill level of the people who poured their hart into this project. You can see more of the Roadster Shop's work over at: www.roadstershop.com

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There's something about a wildly unique build that just gets us going over here and today we're bringing you something that's definitely unique. Meet Don Abenante. Oh, and meet his '69 Camaro, pre-chopping it up to make room for a wild drivetrain. He's 30/m/FL (yeah, you just got A/S/L'd), a mechanical engineer and a big fan of old iron.  Oh, and you can't overlook the striking resemblance to Tony Angelo of Hot Rod Garage and Formula D fame.  Sorry Don, couldn't continue without pointing that out..... Enough of my dated corny jokes.  Let's let Don tell you a little bit...

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