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Aviation Style Rivet Cleco Tool

Aviation Style Rivet Cleco Tool

For most folks that are not in the fabrication industry the Cleco is a Mystery.
Hotrod Fabrication Cleco Install
Really the Cleco is a very simple yet most useful tool.
Its basic function is to hold two pieces of material together through either a small 1/8 hole or clamp. It can do this with a simple spring and wedge functionality. In most cases the cleco is replaced later with a rivet during final assembly.
clamp style cleco
rivet style cleco clecos fabrication
The best thing about this tool is that the kits are not very expensive.
You can check them out here:
Standard Cleco Set -
Cleco Side Grip Clamps ½” -
Cleco Side Grip Clamps 1” -
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